Brindisi – Olive tree of the Crucifix and olive plantations

The Brindisi area

Brindisi is a small city south of Bari on the Eastern coast of Italy. Tourists cannot find a lot in terms of tourist attractions or partying in the area as other seaside resorts have. However, there are quite a few nice places you can visit around. Olive groves and grapevines fill all the area around the cities in this region. The seaside is also very impressive and the few working beach resorts may be very relaxing and beautiful places.

Olive groves and masserias.

Deserted masseria in Puglia

Deserted masseria in Puglia

While traveling North from Brindisi the visitor passes through or near several deserted masserias. A masseria is a building or group of buildings and other attached facilities used in the past for olive harvesting or olive oil making. In addition, some masserias are dedicated to growing animals or other agricultural practices. Probably due to lack of money or workforce, lots of these are deserted. However, some of these masserias were transformed in businesses which offer lodging and eating, mostly to the South in more developed tourist areas.

The olive tree of the Crucifix

At the north of Brindisi, about 20 km, there is the so-called Ulivo del Crocifisso (Olive tree of the crucifix). Olive trees are among the most long-living trees. Several centenary trees exist in the vecinity of Serranova. This is a very old one that survived to our days which I found by mistake while riding my bike in the area. I went on a bike ride to this place, about 2-3 hours through the olive groves north of Brindisi.

Olivo di Crucifisso in Serranova, Puglia, Italy

Olive of the crucifix trunk view

Other things to see

Visitors can see other nice places on the seaside on the way if they choose the sea route, but also some deserted seaside resorts or vacation homes.

After passing the Castle of Serranova, down the hill and across the road people can find this centenary tree marked as a natural monument.  The location of the tree can be seen on OpenStreetMap here:

Olive tree of the Crucifix

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Olive tree of the Crucifix 40.700303, 17.762090

Photos in the gallery show the areas in more detail. Unlike the bicycle trails, people visiting with a car don’t get to have such a close view of the masserias and other places on the road.

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