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Who we are and why a travel blog?

My name is Matei, I am 32 and I work as a programmer in Romania. My wife, Andrada, is 29 and she is also a programmer. We both like to travel and discover new places. I love photography and storytelling. Together, we decided to write the Routemates blog to share our stories, tips and experience from trips around the world.

Dancing on the beach during our travel to Calabria, Italy

Dancing on a Mediterranean beach in Italy

Why the RouteMates blog?

Simple: Because we are a couple and we are always on the road. Well, not always… but we love to travel, always search for new places to go to, imagine routes and organize trips in our mind. We have quite some experience from traveling and working outside the country and wish to share some of it with you.

The destinations

Countries where we traveled

Countries we visited

We traveled all around Europe, from Greece and Bulgaria through Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic and most of Central Europe. Also, we worked in Belgium and Italy. In addition, we crossed the sea to Africa and traveled around Morocco. We went cycling on the banks of the Danube river through Hungary and Slovakia. We went skiing in Austria. Furthermore, we visited the highest peaks from Romania, Poland and Morocco. And there’s more that we would like to share with you on this blog.

Travel planning

Every time we go somewhere, we make sure that we are “ready” for it. We try to find a balance between things we need and things we take with us. Also, our experiences taught us to choose the bast ways to find accommodation, prepare luggage, discover new destinations and save money on trips. Sometimes we didn’t take the right decisions and we might also blog on this and share our bad experiences with you.

Tips and tricks

Skiing on a glacier during our travel to Austria

Skiing on a glacier in Austria

Why did we eat in a certain restaurant? Is there a reason for you to go to see one museum or sight over another? What happens if you drink water from Africa? Is it better to rent a car or use the subway? Why is a pocket Swiss Army knife more useful than a electric shaver on a mountain trip? How come there are still people taking photos with a film camera? Is this better than taking them with a digital camera which in turn is better than taking them with a phone? We will try to give some useful tips and tricks in this section based on our own experience that might help you in your future travels.

Top 10

So, you want to go to some place like Paris? It’s a huge city but you only have two days. What should you visit and why? If we have places we’ve visited several times we can make a top ten attractions/places to visit in these places. Maybe we can even help you with a map, who knows?

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