Vieste – Italy’s charmful beach destination and the Gargano National park

Vieste – location and surroundings

Vieste is a very nice town and commune in the province of Foggia, in the Apulia region of southeast Italy. The town is surrounded by white rocky cliffs and offers impressive views for tourists. The area covered by the commune is included in the Gargano National Park.

Vieste one of the best beach destinations in Italy. The town has a beach with great azure water and interesting rock formations that create amazing landscapes. The location is also somehow isolated, most tourists prefer easier to reach seaside destinations. The Gargano National park assumes driving through mountainous areas for about one hour or so. Aside from the road, the town is not a party and fun resort, it was quieter than most beaches in Southern Italy in our opinion.
There are several spectacular beaches in Vieste, among which Spiaggia del Pizzomunno is a large beach bordered by an egg shaped rock that you must try.

To reach Vieste we started our trip from Bari and crossed the Gargano National Park, a mountainous forested and quiet area. We found some other spectacular places to visit on the road, like the Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo(Archangel Michael’s Sanctuary) in Monte Sant’Angelo.

Monte Sant Angelo city center

Monte Sant Angelo city center

The very interesting historic fishing port of Trani also deserves a visit. The town is located at about 200 km from Bari, 250 km from Napoli and 400 km from Rome.

Port of Trani, Italy

Port of Trani, Italy

Tourist attractions

The main tourist attraction in Vieste is the Castello Svevo Aragonese but it can only be visited a few times a week with guided tours. Built at the request of Frederick the second in the 13th century, the Swabian Castle in Vieste stands on the limestone rocks of the Gargano coast. Featured by a triangular structure, the manor is clearly a defensive building. Even if you cannot visit the castle, the outside of the castle walls and all the narrow streets around are just as spectacular.

Walls of castle Svevo in Vieste

Walls of castle Svevo in Vieste

We really enjoyed the old city center. Like most Italian beach towns, it’s filled with cafes, ice cream shops and restaurants. We took a nice walk through the narrow streets to the Svevo castle on top of the cliff. We started our morning with an excellent ristretto at a small coffee shop above the walls near Piazzetta Petrone.

Vieste is a great place to visit and spend two or three days in if you have the time. The places on the road also deserve a visit

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